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Est. 2021

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Nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization Orlando, FL

KMD Foundation

Education Grant

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KMD Foundation © 2024. All rights reserved

Founders and

Board Members

Oriel McKinney

Jason DeShields

The Mission of the KMD Foundation is to support traditionally underrepresented students who are culturally responsible future leaders by providing mentorship, leadership, and scholarship.

KMD Foundation © 2024. All rights reserved

KMD Scholars

$7,500 Lifetime

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2024 Winner

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2022 Winner!

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Access to Education

Lack of access or awareness are roadblocks we fight in every arena. KMD continues to source information as well as provide financial support to young achievers.


It’s our belief, we are not monolithic. We believe there’s value in sharing our differences whether they’re visible or hidden, an individual thought process or group dynamic, or cultural or socioeconomic layers. We support environments that foster academic excellence, creativity, understanding, leadership, and innovation.

Empowerment & Leadership

Anything can be accomplished with skill and confidence. We support educators, mentors, and community leaders and programs that take an active interest in the success of youth.

To become a KMD partner, please contact us here.

KMD Foundation © 2024. All rights reserved


2024 Grant Presentation

& Fundraising Night

Orlando, FL

June 13, 2024


For partnership opportunities, email info@kmdfoundation.org

What Happened in 2023

Firstly, we want to thank everyone for their support. As the KMD Foundation continues to make inroads in our mission, we also experience the stretch of growth. That said, we must advise that we will be expanding beyond the current model. We didn’t receive the support we expected but that doesn’t stop our goal of knowing we have work to do. The good news with our experience, we’re connecting with organizations and community partners to refocus and ensure the mentorship and scholarship continues.

Although we did formally share our position, we learned the information was not disseminated. Our sincere apologies to those who did not receive the message. Your time is appreciated. The KMD Scholarship will reopen for the next school year and incorporate more resources and support for students are all levels.

Excited about the future,

KMD Foundation

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KMD Foundation © 2024. All rights reserved

Nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization Orlando, FL